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Hello, I'm Laura! I enjoy reading good books, overthinking while drinking numerous cups of coffee, snuggling with my cat, admiring nature, crying over beautiful albums, and fangirling about my passions with others.


Think You Can Wait - The National

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Heathland (by Nico Mueller)

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It’s so weird to go back and listen to the first song you ever heard by a certain band. It’s a reminder that at one point, they weren’t in your life, and it’s scary to think how things might have been different if you never heard that song. If you never took a second to really listen to the lyrics, and decide to find out who they are. It’s one of the best feelings to be able to remember where you were, and be able to see how they changed you for the better.  

Came across this cozy bookshop while exploring today!

Came across this cozy bookshop while exploring today!

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“I don’t want to fall. All I want to do is stand on solid ground.”

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His new tracks are sublime.

Dang, Sean. Killin’ it.

From a lady who loves anything having to do with this guy,