live on coffee and flowers

Hello, I'm Laura! I enjoy reading good books, overthinking while drinking numerous cups of coffee, snuggling with my cat, admiring nature, crying over beautiful albums, and fangirling about my passions with others.

Saw The Head and The Heart again today, and it was amazing!!! This band is so incredible live, I can’t even put it into words. I cried during Down in the Valley…again. Josiah (my fav member) waved to me from stage and I fangirled A LOT. He was also wearing a Lucius shirt, which made me really happy!! AND he sang I Regret Not Leaving the Light on with Jon. It was beautiful. I got to talk to Chad, their roadie, again and he was so sweet and we hugged and it was an amazing moment. Definitely well worth the roadtrip to Philly!!

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